History Mystery.

Event date May 4th 6pm

Today I am hiring you as detectives from various organisations to go where I cannot in your individual jurisdictions in order to find: The weapon used, the last known coordinates of the bombers and if possible the name of the Mastermind behind these items.  We believe a rogue operative named James Booth is responsible, but need proof.

You can have up to 4 people in your team.

The fastest team to finish the game will win a free escape room at D S Escape Rooms worth up to £96

We will be serving free teas, coffees and soft drinks at the event.

Please arrive at 5:45pm to start at 6pm

When booking please scroll to may 4th 6pm. You are booking a table not per person.

Please be advised this game is NOT being played at our location on holland’s road.

The address is

The Royal British Legion Hall,


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